The Taming of the Shrew


Lord, let me never have a cause to sigh


Also called

  • ‘A wealthy widow’ [Hortensio 4.2.39],
  • ‘A lusty widow’ [Tranio 4.2.52],
  • ‘Loving widow’ [Lucentio 5.2.7]

Relationship Status


Character biography

I am a wealthy widow who has been in love with Hortensio for years, but he only has eyes for the young and beautiful Bianca. I may not be as beautiful as her but I make up for it with my kindness and my sharp wit! I think I am Hortensio’s equal in age and intellect, and we would be a great match if he could take his eyes off Bianca long enough to notice me.

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Leading Ladies and Gentlemen
– Padua’s Celebrity Magazine


LLG: I was privileged to meet one of Padua’s most mysterious ladies recently for a confidential chat. I would like to welcome you to this interview but as you want to keep things confidential what shall we call you?

Widow: I just like to be known by the name Widow.

LLG: I see. Well that is indeed mysterious! Can you tell us why you want to keep your identity a secret?

Widow: Well, of course I am both a widow since my late husband died, but I am also extremely wealthy as I have inherited all his money. To make sure that I am not surrounded by men wishing to marry me for my money I prefer to keep my identity a secret.

LLG: Ah, that explains it very clearly. Do you think it is true that many men are seeking marriage just for money in Padua?

Widow: Most definitely. Take the family of Baptista Minola for instance: his younger daughter is pursued by many men and that attraction is her father’s wealth as much as it is her personality and good looks.

LLG: I see. What about his older daughter? Is it the same case with her?

Widow: That is interesting as people say the older daughter is a shrew so her father cannot find anyone to marry her despite the fact that she is from a wealthy family. It will be interesting to see if the power of all her money will make someone decide to marry her in spite of her wild temper.

LLG: Indeed it will. But turning back to you is there someone you have set your eye on as a future husband?

Widow: Well, indeed there is. I will only tell you that he is a man whose name begins with ‘H’. He is a handsome, well-regarded man and I have long held a passion for him.

LLG: What is the problem then?

Widow: Unfortunately, he is not showing the kind of interest that I would like. I am beginning to think that he has his sights set elsewhere as I cannot extract a commitment from him.

LLG: I do hope you succeed. D come back to tell us when you do won’t you?

Widow: Yes, certainly I will. I can promise you that I won’t let him forget how he kept me waiting when we do marry!

LLG: That sounds interesting. Well, thank-you very much for agreeing to talk to me.