The Taming of the Shrew


Bound I am to Padua, there to visit A son of mine


Also called

  • ‘My loving father,’ [Petruchio 4.5.62],
  • ‘Mine old master,’ [Biondello 5.1.39],
  • ‘Sweet father,’ [Lucentio 5.1.102]

Character biography

I am Lucentio’s father and have come to Padua to make sure he is studying like he is supposed to. He has always been prone to mischief and as his father it’s my responsibility to ensure he stays in line.

Father of…


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Padua News

PN: Padua is honoured that the wealthy and legendary merchant Vincentio has decided to visit the city. He is descended from the Bentivolii family of Pisa and is well known across the country. Signor Vincentio, can I ask the reason for your visit to us at this time?

Vincentio: It is quite simple really; I am here to see how my son Lucentio is doing in his studies at your world-famous university here in Padua.

PN: Has he been in Padua long?

Vincentio: Quite a long time and as I haven’t heard from him or his man Tranio, I thought I would pay him a surprise visit.

PN: I am sure that will be a delight for him!

Vincentio: Yes, I hope s, but I have a fear that being in Padua away from his father and family may have gone to his head.

PN: Gone to his head? What do you mean?

Vincentio: I am concerned that his studies at the university might have been neglected as he is a young man with money and is someone who enjoys parties, games and the ladies.

PN: Ah, I see. What about his man? Won’t he look after him and keep him on track with his studies?

Vincentio: Tranio, his man, now there is another concern. I might think that rather than keeping his master under control, Tranio could well be the one who is leading him to become involved in all sorts of unsuitable activities as he has always been one to suggest these ideas to my son. Since I haven’t heard from either my son or from Tranio, I have begun to think that I should have sent Lucentio to Padua with one of my older servants less likely to be interested in behaving like a young student.

PN: Yes, I can see that might have been sensible. Young men together, I think we all know what they can be like! So, what do you hope to find when you meet him?

Vincentio: I hope to find Lucentio filled with delight in his studies and also that he is beginning to show that his behaviour is guided by virtue. I hope to find Tranio has been influenced by his master’s studies as well and transformed into an ideal servant. However, I fear the worst!

PN: Well, thank-you Signor Vincentio, I do hope that you find your son and his man as you wish them to be.