The Taming of the Shrew


A harsh hearing, when women are froward.


Also called

  • Cambio [when disguised],
  • ‘Sweet master,’ [Katherina 3.1.83]

Relationship Status

Chasing Bianca

Character biography

I am a student from Pisa and I have come to Padua to study at the great university here, but I have fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Bianca and I’m determined to marry her. She is sweet, charming and demure, but two wealthy merchants named Gremio and Hortensio are already interested in her, so I don’t stand a chance of convincing Bianca’s father that I’m a good match. Luckily I have a plan to disguise myself as a classics teacher and call myself Cambio so I can woo Bianca under her father’s nose. The only way it could go wrong is if my father Vincentio comes to check on me in Padua, but I’m sure that won’t happen.

Rival of…


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Who’s new in town?

Padua News

Who’s new in town?

PN: This week we caught up with Lucentio newly arrived in town. Lucentio, welcome to Padua! Tell us a little of your background.

Lucentio: I was born in Pisa though I was brought up in Florence. My father is Vincentio who is a great merchant and well known in many cities throughout the country as an honourable and reliable businessman.

PN: What brings you to Padua?

Lucentio: Like many of your visitors I suppose, I have come here to study. Padua University is one of the oldest and most respected in the whole of Europe so I thought why not go to the best!

PN: What are you planning to study?

Lucentio: Like all sons of renowned parents, I am determined to make him proud so I have decided to study Philosophy and Virtue so that I can achieve personal happiness through good deeds. I am sure that course will meet with the approval of my father.

PN: An excellent choice of studies as Padua University is famous throughout Europe for its Philosophy courses. But surely, like all students, you are going to find time for entertainment and pleasure as well?

Lucentio: Indeed I plan to do just that for as our philosophers say, we should all mix hard and serious study with pleasure. I hope to find a suitable house and invite friends to wine and dine with me when I am not studying hard.

PN: Do you have servants with you?

Lucentio: Yes indeed, I have my man Tranio and another servant Biondello. Tranio is really my right-hand man as he is so quick to work out the best ways to do things and helps me out in every situation. He is looking forward to our time in Padua as well.

PN: What about affairs of the heart? Is there someone who pines for you back at home or are you hoping one of our fair Padua maids will capture your heart?

Lucentio: Well, there is no-one at home waiting for me so love might be another of the many benefits of staying in your wonderful city. I have heard tell of the fair maids in Padua of course!

PN: Well, thank you Lucentio for finding the time to talk to us, I’m sure our readers will be hoping that they might be invited to your parties! Good luck with your studies and here’s hoping that you will be lucky in love as well as in education.