The Taming of the Shrew


Was ever gentleman thus grieved as I?


Also called

  • ‘Signor Baptista’ [Gremio 1.1.89],
  • ‘Baptista Minola’ [Hortensio 1.2.96],
  • ‘Father Baptista’ [Tranio 5.1.84]

Relationship Status


Character biography

I am the father of Katherina and Bianca and I am one of the wealthiest merchants in Padua. I want to see my daughters married to good, wealthy men who will provide for them, especially my eldest daughter Katherina. She is too wild and scares away all of her potential husbands so I have decided that my youngest, Bianca, cannot marry until Katherina has. Bianca has three potential husbands because she is so fair and mild – she is my favourite daughter and I will select her husband carefully. Hopefully by forbidding Bianca from marrying until Katherina has I can match Katherina with a man quickly and choose a good husband for Bianca. Lately I have heard of a man named Petruchio who claims he will tame Katherina, but I don’t really believe he can do it.

Father of…


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The Padua Club

The Exclusive Club for Padua’s leading male citizens

Name: Baptista Minola

Who is he?

Baptista is the head of the Minola family one of Padua’s leading families.


Baptista is a widower. He has two daughters, Katherina his oldest daughter and Bianca her younger sister.

Interests and concerns

Baptista is keen to make sure that his daughters have the very best marriages. As he is a widower, his daughters are missing the important influence of their mother and he is responsible for ensuring that they are as well prepared as possible for this important step in their lives.

Baptista has found his older daughter Katherina difficult to manage. He finds the way that she behaves very wild and this is making him worried that he will not be able to find her a husband as her reputation for being a ‘shrew’ is spreading around the city. Baptista wishes that Katherina could be more like her younger sister Bianca who is calm, well behaved and has already attracted potential husbands such as Gremio his neighbour.

Wealth and Circumstances

Baptista has a well-founded reputation for being careful with his money. He will definitely make sure that both his daughters will attract a substantial dowry when they marry. As he is so worried about finding a wealthy husband for Katherina with her reputation for being wild and difficult, he has decided that he will not agree to a husband for Bianca until Katherina is married.